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SNAFF Film Festival Saturday Film Block 5

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BadBadNotGood "I Don't Know" feat. Samuel T. Herring – Dir. Will Mayer

Music Videos – 4 min.

United States

A film about my personal experience with the five stages of grief.


Bronzed – Dir. Mike Egan

Comedy – 11 min.

United States

Executive produced by David Gordon Green and Dal Wolf, 'Bronzed' is a dark comedy short starring Linas Phillips and Johnny Pemberton.

In the film, Martin, a neo-sun worshiper, prepares a ceremony of ritual human slaughter to satisfy the solar Gods. Now he only needs two things to fulfill his twisted theology: A sacrificial lamb and a spray tan. And lucky for Martin, airbrush technicians make house calls.


Chowboys: An American Folktale – Dir. Astron-6

Comedy – 8 min.


Three idiots are lost in the woods on the coldest night of the year.


Deep Dive – Dir. Mohammad Soleimanifeijani

Sci-Fi / Fantasy - 6 min.

United States

In the near future, everyone sees the city through their own set of augmented reality contact lenses. Through these digital screens, it is possible for them to curate their experience of the world, - just like an online network bubble that has become part of the physical world. Here a young Persian refugee arrives at the border of Los Angeles and is given a mandatory set of government-issued immigrant transition AR lenses. Shut out of other people’s reality she slowly descends into a new form of digital alienation.


The Gravel Hunter – Dir. John Richard

Documentary - 7 min.

United States

Portrait of an Iowa man who combines his love of gravel road cycling and black powder rifle hunting.


Lockdown – Dir. Logan George, Celine Held

Drama – 12 min.

United States

Struggling with feelings for her best friend, 14 year-old Marie stages an almost perfect plan.


The Office of Missing Children – Dir. Michael I Schiller

Documentary – 6 min.

United States

More than 2,600 kids were separated from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border under President Donald Trump’s “zero tolerance” family separation policy. What happened to those children? Reveal’s investigative reporting team looked at facilities across the country to answer that question.

This non-fiction animated short is the story of one mother whose child was taken from her.


The Orphan – Dir. Carolina Markowicz

Foreign – 15 min.


Jonathas has been adopted but then returned due to his 'different' way. Inspired by true events.


Washed Away – Dir. Ben Kallam

Drama – 12 min.

United States

A teenage girl in an evangelical church youth group must deal with the fallout when her trust is publicly betrayed.


Wild - Dir. Tanvi Gandhi

Music Videos – 4 min.


The city of Bombay is littered with faces, with infinite stories. Imagine all the things we gloss over, all the faces we ignore, and one starts to wonder what lies beneath the surface?

The music Video for “Wild” tells the story of the lives of the Mops that reside in our society. Often ostracized, or discarded, the Mops of mumbai live just like people do. They drive our taxis, get their hair cut, even party the same way. Following the lives of the mops, we see characters of all shapes and sizes, be it a wealthy mop, or from the mops of days passed, we see the daily lives, guilty pleasures, even the relaxing moments they enjoy.

The video takes on a rather dark comedic take on the lives of mops in our society. From being bullied, to owning their own history, the song Wild takes us on an innocent journey through a different lens.