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SNAFF Wednesday Film Block 4

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*Note: films listed in alphabetical order. Films will not play in this order. They will play within their designated film block.
**Many films include adult content including language, drug use, sexual content, nudity, and violence.  

See below for a descríption of films in this block.


Blur - Dir. Summer Medina
Drama - 2 minutes
Where reality and imagination collide. A daily struggle between nurse and patient.


The Comancheros - Time Machine - Dir. Jay Pelzer
Music Videos - 4 minutes
The Comancheros boys wake up after a long night to find they've ran out of the proper party supplies. They hop in their trusty and rusty old Ford truck with a plan to restock on the cheap.


Go - Dir. Eric Lang
Drama - 1 minute
A man's life comes to a literal stop when he has to make to a difficult decision.


The Mangina Exit - Dir. Byron Brown
Comedy - 4 minutes
Blake is having relationship problems. His older brother Sebastian has an unorthodox solution that has been used for generations.


Night Call - Dir. Amanda Renee Knox
Drama - 17 minutes
When on a routine patrol, a Black female cop living in and patrolling Inglewood gets called to a disturbance she is forced to make an unprecedented life altering decision.


REDSHIFT - Dir. Benjamin Crane
Drama, Sci-Fi / Fantasy - 10 minutes
After a bio-chemical attack renders earth infertile, mankind is forced to colonize mars, and mine the earth of its remaining resources.  Among the miners is David Cain, who has grown tired of earth and longs for a new life. One day after the company decides to relocate to the red planet, David is given the option to transfer, or remain on earth with his family. As tension rises between him and sister as they care for their dying father, David must weigh his commitment to family and his desire for a better life.


She Came from the Woods - Dir. Erik Bloomquist, Carson Bloomquist
Horror - 12 minutes
A campfire story comes to life for a group of counselors on the last day of the summer of 1987 at Camp Briarbrook.


The Terrorist Hunter - Dir. Ann Shin
Documentary - 32 minutes
Rita Katz is a brilliant, female lone wolf in a profession dominated by men. A former spy, and now the director of SITE Intelligence – Search for International Terrorist Entities - she is no stranger to controversy. While she is credited with uncovering key information about Al Qaeda and ISIS, detractors say Katz is too eager to find terrorist plots where none exist.

Katz’s crusade comes at a time when terrorist violence and anti-Muslim sentiment are on the rise. The zeal with which she hunts terrorists matches the fear sparked by news coverage of people being gunned down at shopping malls and bombed at concerts.

THE TERRORIST HUNTER explores Rita Katz’s career and life, exposing the world of espionage with all the suspense and drama of a procedural, as well as the important historical and social information to put it in context. As the documentary reveals Rita’s own personal history, it also exposes how fear and terror play out in our society.


Third Wheel - Dir. Daniel DelPurgatorio
Horror - 4 minutes
Susan has more than just skeletons in her closet.