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SNAFF Wednesday Film Block 3

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*Note: films listed in alphabetical order. Film will not play in this order. They will play within their designated film block.
**Many films include adult content including language, drug use, sexual content, nudity, and violence.  


See below for a descríption of the films in this block.


The End of the End (of the World) - Dir. Evan Runkle
Comedy - 4 minutes
The end of the world has come and gone leaving Joe, and the rest of the world, to figure out what comes next.


Eskimo Kisses - Dir. Chuck Mittan
Drama - 5 minutes
At his mother's funeral, a man recalls moments from their past together.


Haven - Dir. Kelly Fyffe-Marshall
Drama - 3 minutes
As a young girl the first beauty salon chair a girl is introduced to is sitting between her mother’s legs. It’s a place where innocence is treasured, bonds are strengthened and confidence is boosted. Every Sunday like clockwork Janice does Jada's hair, this is where she finds solace to confess her deepest secrets.


The Hatman - Dir. Charlie Gandez
Horror - 7 minutes
Have you ever woken up paralyzed to a stranger?


Hawkeye Creek - Dir. Russ Fry
Documentary - 23 minutes
Nothing had more to do with the way Burlington, Iowa developed than the various streams that were collectively known as Hawkeye Creek. Today, they are all but forgotten. Hawkeye Creek’s many branches cut deep ravines that separated Burlington’s neighborhoods. Take a tour of Burlington’s historic Hawkeye Creek. Watch the 2010 flood. Go down into the storm sewers. See the present and visit the past.


Oliver Short - Dir. Kevin Isaacson
Drama - 27 minutes
A troubled teenage girl, struggling with the death of her father, must help three spirits with their unfinished business on earth.


Scream Until You Like It - Dir. Brent S. Duncan, Ryan J. Gilmer
Horror - 10 minutes
Sometimes you can never go home; this Friday, can you survive the night? Keith decides to show his friends a good time and steals his dad's van for the weekend, but while taking a shortcut down an old highway the group's ride breaks down. They're alone - ....or are they? Stranded with nobody to turn to and no phone service, the five college students have unwittingly stumbled upon a secluded dwelling of horrors. Little do they know something is stalking them. The trick is to stay alive. Will they survive or will they scream until you like it?


Tiny Clones - Dir. Jim McDonough
Comedy - 5 minutes
Twin brothers have a heart to heart about life, the universe, and the ethics of making tiny clones of yourself.


Yes, Alz - Dir. Kevin Bradshaw
Documentary - 13 minutes
This video was created through life's need as the Dementia/Alzheimer crises increases.  Katie Neff's mother has Alzheimer and has tips on how to deal with a loved one, friend or acquaintance that has the disease. These four tips can help you work through your contact with a person with Alzheimer.