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SNAFF Wednesday Film Block 1

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*Note: films listed in alphabetical order. Films will not play in this order. They will play within their designated film block.
**Many films include adult content including language, drug use, sexual content, nudity, and violence.  

See below for a descríption of films in this block.


Citizens - Dir. Marc Nadal

Drama - 14 minutes


The lack of jobs leads citizens into an emergency situation that pits them against each other.  In the face of violence and injustice citizens like Noe suffer from the absence of effective laws.

Kardon Gets a Taco
- Dir. JoJo Munkee, Michael Helgens

Comedy - 7 minutes

Two humanoid space travelers, Kardon and loyal sidekick Sodon, meet up at an Earth-based taco establishment to discuss matters of galactic importance. (And of course to order some amazing tacos!)


The Scary Ham - Dir. Sue Mroz

Drama - 15 minutes

Two middle-aged sisters sorting through 50 years' worth of family memorabilia reconnect, as they contend with their late father's beloved ham.


Someone Else's Hero - Dir. Stephen Folker

Drama - 17 minutes

A woman confronts her own feelings of guilt when her son is killed in the war in Iraq.


Stuck - Dir. Steve Kennevan

Comedy - 33 minutes

Two people from different generations are thrown together in an unusual circumstance that elicits conflict and raises questions about modern society and how it impacts isolation, communication and the secrets we keep.


Witches of Wonder - Dir. John Gigrich

Sci-Fi / Fantasy - 6 minutes

Two young witches must figure out how to rescue their younger sister after they accidentally send her back in time.